Hi I’m Marina and I have created MAGICAL MOMENTS …

As a mother, daughter and grandmother family means everything to me and memories are so precious – like the memory of my dad back when he was still with me, teaching me the art of photography, and how important it was to not just take pictures but to make sure they were printed off so we could add them to an album to create lasting memories. Memories that we could actually look and feel in the album, and to appreciate that over time the photos would actually fade a little but the memory wouldn’t – a moment in time never to be lost.

Thank you to my father for teaching me the love of photography an art I have nurtured and gained great pleasure from. I especially like the ocean which I find soothing and captivating, old buildings that remind me of days past and I’ve even done the odd portrait shoot and occasional wedding. Have a look around and come on my magical journey with me or get in touch if you’d like me to capture your special occasion forever.



I love taking pics of anything unusual and pride myself on having a very good eye for detail 


Often shooting objects from an unusual angle or perspective has served me well in my time as a photographer and I surprise myself on some of the results I get just from changing the perspective of a shot – I’m always looking for another angle.

My Hobby Turned Into My Passion

Lucky in Life

I am one of the luckiest people I know being able to pursue a dream and a love and turn my hobby into my job and this shows throughout my work

Star Quality

We all have star quality and I’m so lucky that I get to bring out the best in people – let me bring out your diva 

Capture The Moment

I spend my days capturing moments never to be forgotten – recorded forever wether it be your moment or mine I love every one of the memories I create

Landscape Photography

Food Photography

Portrait Photography

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